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No matter the application we at Gibbon FineCal have the ink that will give you the best results for your desired application. In alliance with Sun Chemical (the biggest ink manufacturer in the world) we have market leading technology in all forms of screen printing ink.


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With the desire to push boundaries in ink performance being concious of health and safety we have the best solution for you. Utilising outstanding pigment, bases, resin, waxes, solvent and UV technology all quality controlled to meet with the expected standards we are sure to offer the best product for your particular process.


Inks tailored for UV, hand benches, semi automatics, cylinder presses, carousels whether air, heat oven of air dried we can offer the perfect product for your particular process.


Our product range is extensive; reaching into most industries and process, from automotive to point of sale, from UV varnishes, t-shirt to spot, from special effects to Pantone colour matches our screen inks are designed with you in mind. So if it's paper and board, metal or vinyls, fabric or glass or any other substrate please call our office for help and technical support.


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