Gibbon FineCal | Committed to Quality


Gibbon FineCal is certified to the latest standard ISO 9001:2015. As part of the FineCal Group all systems have been vetted so you can be confident that you will receive the very best of service from us. Colour matching to ensure consistency from one order to the next; frame stretching derived from our experience ensuring mesh is of the correct tension. We use measurements as determined via our calibrated equipment.

Our Quality system is integrated with procedures relating to both Health & Safety and the Environment to ensure our very best of service to you. 

Included within our scope is attention to specific requirements as laid down by legislation. Specifically these include compliance with: 

  • RoHS (inc RoHS-3) covering our products that may be necessary within your market that enables you to consider procedures under WEEE and disposal.
  • REACh that refers to items (articles) to ensure you receive the safest of materials whose substances do not contain any harmful or severe chemical components likely to cause danger to health. And although none have been found yet in our latest review, if products do and possibly due to science not being able to find an alternative as of yet, we'll notify you with the latest Material Data sheets so that you can instigate procedures to aid safety and use under COSHH.

To see the latest SVHC list, click here to access the European Chemical Agency* site.

If you require more information, click here for our Profile pack which includes our ISO certificate

 *Who is ECHA?

Under REACh, ECHA is obliged to provide EU Member States with the best possible scientific and technical advice on chemicals. The Member State Committee (MSC) resolves different views of Member States on evaluating draft decisions or on proposals to identify substances of very high concern (SVHCs).